Monday, May 08, 2006

Community Support to Save Trickett Hall


Save Trickett Hall's historical significance

Sunday, May 07, 2006

The greater Carlisle community is facing a challenging future if Penn State continues its stance at changing the character and important heritage of the Dickinson School of Law.

There was an architectural plan in 2005 to save Trickett Hall and add structures where the dormitories now stand.

For some reason, not fully explained to the public, that proposal was dropped and a very modern and out-of-place structure for this community was proposed.

No one knows for sure what it will look like, since the design is a deep dark secret. Even the model on display in the lobby of Trickett Hall is said to not be the design Penn State is planning. I wonder why it is even there for anyone to see who visits that part of the law school.

Wouldn't everyone think that this odd-looking design is what Penn State University President Graham Spanier and his cronies are planning?

There is a rumor that Penn State will pull out of the deal for two campuses if the controversy continues. I trust Gov. Ed Rendell to put together the language to prevent that from ever happening.

It is time for local and state officials, including the governor, to call a halt to the destruction of this famous structure and the law school itself.

-- WAYNE POWELL, Carlisle

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