Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Demise of DSL to Begin in Fall 2006

Centre Daily Times (State College, PA)
November 12, 2005

Law school to go on campus in 2006

From CDT staff reports

UNIVERSITY PARK -- Penn State will admit first-year Dickinson School of Law students to its University Park campus starting in fall 2006.

The university and the law school's former board of governors reached an agreement earlier this year allowing for the establishment of a University Park campus. The law school is based in Carlisle, and the plan for two locations faced strong opposition from the community there and some members of the school's board of governors.

The law school and university have been affiliated since 1997.

The university plans to build a University Park facility for the law school on Park Avenue and upgrade the Carlisle campus for a total cost of $100 million. Both parts of the project are expected to be finished in 2008.

Until them, University Park law classes will take place in Beam Building on Park Avenue, according to a university news release.

When students apply to the law school, they can specify whether they prefer the University Park campus or the Carlisle campus.

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Anonymous said...

It is the opinion of a lot of alumni that a law school purporting to be Dickinson School of Law which is not located in Carlisle is no longer the Dickinson School of Law. They might as well name the University Park campus the "Graham Spanier School of Law" and leave the Dickinson School of Law name in Carlisle. Okay, maybe they would want to name the University Park location of the law school the "H. Laddie Montague School of Law."

The demise of the Dickinson School of Law did not begin in 2006, it began in 1997. However, the alumni did not know that. Queen Elizabeth II said it well, "1997 was the annis horribilis" -- Princess Diana died in an automobile crash in Paris, there was a catastrophic fire at Windsor Castle in England, and Penn State took over the Dickinson School of Law. The alumni thought they had a Board of Governors to look out for their interests and keep the law school in Carlisle, but the events of 2004 and 2005 showed that "all agreements are made to be broken." I have respect for only three members of the Board of Governors, those dissidents known as G. Thomas Miller, Leslie Anne Miller, and Tom Monteverde.

Mark Hammond, Class of 1973