Wednesday, October 13, 2004

School merger makes sense

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004


School merger makes sense

The Patriot-News

I'm writing in response to the article (Sept. 18) about possible merger plans for Dickinson College and Dickinson School of Law. I watched with uncertainty the past year, worrying that the law school would move to State College, taking with it professors, students and business from the Carlisle community.

When Penn State offered to build a second law school campus in Happy Valley, I was very apprehensive about what that would mean five years down the road. Would Carlisle be fighting a law school merger and be in danger of losing the law school once again? I'm relieved that the law school board of governors rejected that plan.

I agree with law school board member Jason Kutulakis that a possible merge between the law school and Dickinson College is an exciting possibility. Both institutions have been gracing downtown Carlisle for over 100 years, with beautiful architecture, landscaping and an amazing sense of community.

Carlisle businesses benefit from the students, faculty and staff of both schools every day. Plus, countless residents affiliated with the schools volunteer for community organizations that strive for improvement to the area.

I believe a union of the law school and Dickinson College would be in the best interest of the schools, as Sen. Hal Mowery pointed, by helping boost school rankings, and it also would be wonderful to have them reunite.


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