Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Move Would be Death of Dick Law

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Wednesday, November 26, 2003


Beginning of end?

As a 1999 graduate of The Dickinson School of Law, I have strong feelings about the prospect of the law school being relocated to Penn State's main campus. In 1996, I left my home in Kentucky with all of my worldly possessions in my Toyota Corolla to begin the journey of acquiring a legal education.

I decided to attend Dickinson Law because of the friendly atmosphere and legal tradition that produced fine lawyers, legislators and other public servants.

In 1997, when the Penn State merger was first announced, many students were concerned that the Dickinson Law tradition would be obliterated by the Penn State machine.

At that time, we were promised that the school would always remain in Carlisle.

If the law school leaves Carlisle, I will invite all students, alumni and members of the community to a memorial service marking the untimely death of a great institution with a rich history.


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