Monday, August 09, 2004

Dickinson Law should dump PSU

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Monday, August 9, 2004


Dickinson Law should dump PSU

It's time for the board of governors at the Dickinson School of Law to admit that the merger with Penn State was wrong and to begin planning to revoke the agreement and once again become a private institution. Penn State President Graham Spanier apparently never was interested in the law school remaining in Carlisle. He was seeking a quick fix to get an accredited school on Penn State's main campus. Otherwise, he would have honored the original language on the school staying in Carlisle. Nor would he have proposed a two-campus program with the provision to close the Carlisle school if it fell below expectations. I believe it is obvious that the Carlisle school would not last 10 years under that scenario.

There can be no other conclusion regarding this situation. It was a bad deal and now's the time to break it. Penn State broke the agreement with Geisinger Medical Center, and now is the time for Dickinson Law to break away and go once again on its own. It is the right thing for the students, alumni and the Carlisle community.


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