Friday, December 05, 2003

Another Letter to the Editor - December 5, 2003

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Friday, December 5, 2003


Troubling prospect

I was concerned to read that Dickinson School of Law may be moving out of the Capital Region. As a Dauphin County Commissioner- elect and Penn State grad, I find this idea to be troubling on many counts and have expressed my concerns to Penn State President Graham Spanier. Some may argue that this proposal is simply a matter of dollar and cents. I contend that disregarding Dickinson's rich history and the relationship it has with central Pennsylvania would be penny- wise and pound-foolish.

Dickinson Law is an incredibly important asset to central Pennsylvania. There exists a mutually beneficial relationship between the school and Carlisle and Harrisburg. Dickinson Law produces highly qualified legal talent; Harrisburg provides great opportunities for job placement and career advancement. For nearly 170 years, Dickinson School of Law has produced top-notch leaders, and these leaders have brought honor to the school and, through acquisition, to Penn State. Ending this tradition would harm and not elevate Dickinson Law's reputation.

I look forward to working as a county commissioner to ensure Penn State and Dickinson Law remain highly respected institutions, and central Pennsylvania retains its many vibrant assets.


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